About Jean Snow

I have a curious mind and interests in a wide variety of subjects, but a love of the beauty of the natural world and in how human beings fit into it has been a fundamental part of me since my earliest memories.

I love observing how things change with the time of day, weather, and the season.  I have also had a lifelong interest in how things are made and am enchanted by exquisite craftsmanship in both handmade items as well as excellent industrial design.  As a child my questioning mind moved backward from a piece of clothing to:  how was the fabric made, how did the thread come to be, what was the thread made from?

As I grew older, I became fascinated with the variety of human culture – the different ways people lived in different places, the types of shelters they constructed, the societal rules that were developed for survival.

At university I attained degrees in Anthropology and Textile Design.  When I became a parent, our school had no art teacher so I decided to volunteer to fill the gap and during my 20 years there, my drawing and art skills improved much and I began to learn oil painting.

Now in retirement I have this stimulating and challenging avocation that consumes and satisfies my curiosity and interests!